Heart.Zone releases continuous ECG technology for earphones

IFA NEXT Berlin. Heart.Zone LLC releases continuous electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) technology for earphones.

Over last decade 600 million people reported to hospitals with a heart problem. 56 million were diagnosed with arrhythmia.

Heart failure contributes to the most common cause of death. However, many lives could be saved, and many injuries avoided if users have a simple yet reliable continuous heart ECG monitor.

Existing ECG monitors, like Holter require gel electrodes glued to a chest. They are not suitable for personal usage and continuous heart monitoring. Wearable heart monitors, like Apple® Watch provide sporadic, non-continuous ECG monitoring only when a finger is pushed on a watch. ECG chest belts are uncomfortable for continuous heart monitoring. Optical (PPG) heart sensors found in some wrist bands and earphones can't provide accurate pulse measurements, particularly when in motion.

Heart.Zone offers continuous ECG monitoring technology for headsets, wired and wireless earphones. Continuous ECG monitoring technology embedded in existing hearables does not limit user's mobility and comfort. It doesn't add additional devices and can warns the user in real time about heart activity and arrhythmia. While user is wearing earphones, ECG is continuously measured and recorded on the phone. The app on the phone can detect possible arrhythmia from ECG waveform and warn the user audibly. The user can also record with its voice personal feelings while recording ECG. He can send the ECG record with voice notes as one file to a doctor for further analysis. The ECG data with user's narrative can provide a better insight for a doctor.

Heart.Zone's continuous ECG monitoring technology does not affect audio performance. User can enjoy music, talk on a microphone and record ECG simultaneously. ECG monitoring technology uses pure electrical contacts in the ears and on the skin. Sweat, hair, skin color or wobbling due to motion do not affect the quality of heart monitoring.

Heart.Zone's continuous ECG monitoring technology is integrated in a micro-module 4.5 mm x 20 mm x 3 mm dimensions. It is engineered for easy integration with most earphone designs, wired and wireless. It consumes only 300 micro-Watt and can be powered from coin cell battery, Apple® Lightning® or USB Type-C plug.

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